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Meet Sarah

Sarah’s Skinny Sweets was created by our founder Sarah Collette. Her first job at 16 was with Henry’s Farmers Market (Now Sprouts) in Poway located in Southern California. Now a life long veteran of natural health and wellness, she has dedicated her life to educating retailers and consumers alike to the dangers of misleading label practices all to common in our modern “S.A.D” food landscape.

After personally experimenting with multiple dietary lifestyles backed by books and more books followed by research proving one dietary regimen and disproving another; she made the choice to switch to the Paleo Diet. And made not just a dietary shift but a lifestyle shift that were in fact the initial seeds of change that would blossom into Sarah’s Skinny Sweets. Transforming old family classic recipes into health focused real food alternatives, she experimented, filled all of her old cookbooks with handwritten health conscious alternatives. And continued to seek more knowledge on optimum health through real food.

Once her Grandfather was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, her focus shifted to creating the perfect Low glycemic impact cookie for Grandpa. He had been sneaking sweets after his diagnosis… This spawned more research for Sarah into the rise of reversible health risks and natural alternatives for people at risk or suffering from the complications of this epidemic. After too many trial and errors to count, Sarah’s Skinny Sweets was born. In its infancy, Sarah continued to work as a Sales Rep in the Natural Products industry. Training Whole Foods teams as well as other natural retail whole body teams on the health benefits of real food, and Extra Virgin Coconut oil. A few local stores became early adopters and decided to carry these one of a kind cookies on their shelves. Then, out of obscurity, the cookies that had at the time only made their way into two Los Angeles locations, received an invite to be included in the official gift bags for the News and Documentary Emmy’s in NYC! The next year, Sarah made the leap of faith, cashed out her 401k and dedicated her life to sharing the knowledge she had gained in over 17 years in the natural products industry. For the past three years Sarah has been a part of the RuPaul tribe, as a vendor at the RuPaul DragCon in LA and New York City. Sarah has been a part several celebrity events including Masters of Illusion, the Emmys, the SCs, the Oscars, and RuPaul events. Today we are growing in the Southern Pacific Whole Foods region, as well as many other local independents. Ask your local store about carrying Sarah’s Skinny Sweets.

Why Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to remain transparent in the labeling of our products using real food and real ingredients. We aim to be a strong voice in the movement and to regain not only our health but the health of our nation’s children.

“But that’s the challenge — to change the system more than it changes you.” –Michael Pollan

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Why Choose Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, Low Glycemic, & Keto

Gluten Free & Sugar- Statistically 1 in 100 Americans suffer from Celiac disease. 1 in 5 opt to eat Gluten Free because they assume it's healthier. 1 on 3 Americans are effected by Diabetes. Most gluten free products come at a higher cost to the consumer than the conventional alternative. It's import to know that the Glycemic Index of typical Gluten Free products plays a big part in our overall health and wellness. Typically GF products use Rice Flour as their base, Rice Flour has a Glycemic Index of 97, and straight sugar is 100. Our livers process it all the same whether its sugar, flour, natural juices exc. exc.- if it is high on the Glycemic Index your insulin levels rise and if this happens frequently enough, it can lead to Diabetes and other health issues. (There is a reason big companies have lobbied the FDA to keep the percentage daily Value of sugar off labels in the US!!)

In short anything with a glycemic Index above 60 makes your Insulin levels rise, anything below 40 maintains your levels, with a low GI you also don't have the urge to over eat because your body is satiated. Sarah's Skinny Sweets uses Organic Coconut flour, yes it's at a higher cost, but it has a Glycemic Index of 4. Plus using extra virgin Organic Coconut Oil the MCT's (Medium Chain Triglycerides) boost metabolism. Finally by using Xylitol (a sugar substitute that is diabetic safe, sourced from birch trees) it cuts on the net impact carbs. In all we are happy to say through years of research and with love we can give you a fully transparent & honest real food that is conscious about your health and with a mission to satisfy and to ultimately educate so we all have more time with the people we love.

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